About IMM

What is IMM?
IMM is short for International Mini Meeting. It is an international event which every year takes place in a different country. IMM is a 3 day event for young and elderly. Besides the classic Minis, all derivatives and even New Minis are welcome! The event starts on Friday afternoon when most of the participants arrive. After signing in they look for a nice spot to camp or instead go to the appointed place of their Mini club. The latter can vary at each event. Usually, the best thing to do is to place the Mini in such a way that everybody can have a good look at it. The tent is just a minor detail. On Friday evening the event is officially opened. Different activities will be organized for Mini drivers and Mini Clubs during the rest of the weekend. Recurring features are the Concours d’Elegance, boot sale, traders’ area, dinner and party on Saturday night, breakfast on Sunday and a closing party on Sunday night. 

Basically, IMM is all about socializing, meeting lots of  other Mini enthusiasts, relaxing and  having fun. Even though you’ve already met and spoken to many nice people and bought all the parts for your precious vehicle, in the end of the day you will still need a lot of positive energy to have a fun at the party. IMM closes with a ceremony on Sunday night. During the last night ceremony the awards are presented and the IMM key is handed over to the club which is elected to host the event of the following year. You also can stay in the camping area for another night until Monday morning. This is when the event is closed and everybody leaves for home already dreaming of the next IMM!
When is it organized?
IMM is organized every year during the pentecostal (whit sun) weekend, except every 5th year when the Mini world celebrates this great event in England.
Who is taking the decision to give the right to organize IMM?
The decision about who will be organizing IMM is made by presidents of clubs voting for their favorites in the President’s Meeting. It’s usually held on Saturday. The union is chaired by the President of the host club, most of the times it begins with general introduction and list of some information about the ongoing event ( number of visitors, incidents if such and etc. ). Then, clubs that are willing to announce their bid to host next IMM are given an opportunity to make their presentations.  Once all bidding clubs have made their presentations and all questions have been answered, presidents start voting which results in announcement of successful bid. It is then customary for the selected host club to give an update on their plans for the following years event. At the Presidents’ Meeting the club presidents can also decide to make some amendments to IMM rules or discuss any other related matters.
Since when it is organized?
The IMM originated in1978 in Germany when it started as a small 3 day camping event during the pentecostal (whit sun) weekend. After several years it’s popularity had grown and the event started attracting visitors from outside Germany too. This resulted in an international event which now takes place in a different country each year.
What happens with IMM when it is an anniversary year of the Mini history?
Every 5th years, calculated from the start of the production of Mini, the Mini world celebrates the event in England.