I.M.M. rules

The  rules for organizing an IMM.

Many of these rules have been ignored in the last 2-3 years of events, some are old not in compliance with European and individual state regulations, it is considered important to respect the rule on the date the others are awaiting review, an imm that however does not respect any of the points listed here or the date of Pentecost Monday may not be accepted as an application. At the moment these are guidelines that hopefully the clubs respect to a large extent.

The rules can be updated and modified during the meetings of the presidents taking place at each IMM.

International Mini Meeting Regulations Here are the Rules for hosting an IMM as agreed at the IMM Presidents Meeting held at:

• Gaydon (GB) 1999 and a further supplement agreed at the Presidents Meeting in

• Austria 2001

• Netherlands 2008
• England 2009
General :

The IMM will take place on the European Whitsun weekend, a week before or after is the maximum allowed (Lithuania 2015 discussion) England (UK) during August to coincide with the Mini’s Birthday. • The IMM will have a 4 day format (from 2011

. • The host club will have the option of whether to open the event to ALL mini owners or keep it as an IMM for club members only. •

It is the responsibility of the hosting club to decide if new MINI’s are included. •

IMM site to be Minis only. A Mini must tow trailers and caravans on site. Alternative parking must be made available for non Minis.

Security should be a consideration on all sites. •

All fees to be paid in hosts national club currency. •

The host club should provide an adequate and suitable information stand. • The host club should provide adequate information and communication facilities via Internet. •

Website for the following year’s event should only go live once the current IMM has been held.(ignored from 2014) •

The host club should ensure that there are sufficient toilets and cleaning facilities. The guidelines for toilets were changed during the IMM 2008 so that there are less people per shower or toilet. The old guidelines state that there should be 1 toilet per 100 visitors. From 2009 the new guidelines are 1 toilet per 25 visitors, which is also based on more strict health and safety regulations, UK 2019 was 1×200  visitors.

Guidelines will be added in the future for drinking water and dishwashing facilities. •

The following year’s organisers must be present to give a presentation and give an update during the presidents’ meeting at the current year’s event. •

Not a rule but mentioned as a rule of thumb in 1999 approx entry fees and costs should be mentioned within bidding for an IMM but because of the nature of the subject every host should have the right to alter the price up to 20% off or less the price mentioned while bidding. Bidding •

Future IMM hosts will be selected at the Presidents Meeting 2 years in advance. Exceptions have been made in the case of Anniversary events in England, due to expected larger attendance numbers. These have been given 3 years notice. International Mini Meeting Regulations Version 2008 Revision date: 15-03-2009 Revision by: DMP – IMM 2008 •

The presidents’ meeting to be held in English Language only. Therefore all presentations must be in the English language. • Only  real club presidents are entitled to vote .

A voting card system (or something alike) should be used instead of showing of hands. For this system pre-registration of the club president before the presidents’ meeting is needed. •

Presentations from future IMM candidates should be available online prior to the current year’s event, to allow club presidents’ voting to reflect the wishes of their club members.

• When bidding to host an IMM the presentation should include: o Price for the complete IMM, including:  camping  entrance to the IMM  Saturday dinner  Sundays breakfast (discount or free option) o Location o Date

• Candidates should have attended at least 3 IMM’s before they are permitted to submit a bid to host the event. Therefore the IMM organiser should keep records of the visiting clubs. •

A question mark (on the dot of the URL or just on the promotional items) should be used by future IMM candidates in there promotion campaign. The question mark should only be removed once a bid has been successful. This is to avoid confusion, which has happened in the past.